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why does kaneki make going insane look so cool?
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because he's got serious style
it's the hair...deff the hair. 馃槈
and his composure in general just makes him badass.
I definitely agree he made fighting his demons look cool and as much as I love the show I'm going to get real here. (you have been warned) as someone who has many demons, not only my past but also dealing with depression and anxiety, I have to say that I connected with this show on such a personal level it scared me. it show cased how easily it is to spiral while fighting your demons and how it can change you into a person that sometimes you can't recognize. but the uplifting thing that this show puts out is that no matter what, no matter the odds or what you are facing, you always push forward even if you have to break down, cry, scream, whatever. you never give up and that's why this Halloween I am going to cosplay as Kaneki in honor of what this show means to me.
because he is so dang relatable he just let go and who doesn't want to do that at least for me anyway lol