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I really just wanna take a second and obsess over my newest and by far greatest anime crush. Hak is so similar and yet different from my norm. I love the smirks and smiles both wicked and sensual. There were many moments I had to pause my show because I had to stop and just appreciate this character.
He is but a mere mortal yet he fights with the strength of the four sacred dragons that they become comrades with. He in their eyes is impressive and has earned the nickname "thunder beast."
I LOVE LOVE LOVE his sense of humor. I am waaaay too similar in this aspect and I appreciate someone who picks on the people he likes. I feel he just wants you to be comfortable around him and relaxed. Dont put on a show just be yourself. ;-)
hee hee. I dont know what else to say. I just felt the need to share. lol
@carissa7rosas It's Yona of the Dawn, I think. I always call it Yona though.
I liked him straight away. ❤️ I'm at episode 20. I've waited because I'm not ready to be done with it yet.
I think it's his hair and his eyes that truly do me in.
Hak is sooooooo hot and manly!!!!!!
why I need another season
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