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You might now know this about me because I don't talk about girl groups that much on here yet, but I really really really love Red Velvet! Their songs are always stuck in my head, and Ice Cream Cake was one of my favorite dances to learn ^-^
So today, I'm gonna share videos of them from the Incheon Sky Festival this past weekend (October 16, 2015)!

Ice Cream Cake

Why are they so cute?!

Dumb Dumb

I really love this dance & the outfits they wore for this performance! They all have a pretty unique style here ^^

Both Together! (overhead view!)

The quality of this fancam is better than the others, but you don't get as good of a view of their faces and reactions, so I wanted to post the other ones first ^^ Still, this is a great view of the whole set they did at the concert!!

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