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There is a great argument, that people are either born to lead or born to follow. The truth is? That's bullshit.

If you want to be a leader there are a few things you can do to make that happen. All you have to do is keep reading.

1. Keep yourself focused

Great leaders are able to leave out all distractions and work hard. Focus is pretty hard to achieve, but if you can quiet your mind, see the end goal and continue on, you can accomplish pretty much anything.

2. Think Big

No great leader operates without vision. What is your ultimate goal in life? If you know...then you have great potential as a leader. If you're floundering around playing small ball, you probably need to spend some more time checking out your priorities and your path in life. Not everyone knows what they're doing all the time

3. Be creative.

People who lead often posess a lot of creative energy. They get to high places in companies and organizations because they are the solution to many problems. They step up when it's necessary and they never back down from a challenge. Being a leader is all about getting things done in a creative way. Harness your creativity and make sure you use it.

4. Don't complain, offer solutions.

No leader enters a conversation or a meeting with complaints. They come with solutions. If you're the person in charge, people are going to expect you to have more answers than questions. your research, come into things prepared and make sure to keep a positive and encouraging outlook no matter what the situation is.

5. Above all else: Listen

Being a positive leader is all about listening to the people you're trying to lead. Have you ever had a boss that just told you what to do and never asked for your imput? You probably didn't like them very much right? Right. Because you didn't feel like you had a voice. That's what's at the core of great leadership: the ability to be assertive and professional, coupled with the ability to listen and encourage others.
Great leaders don't think they know everything, they ask others for help and they listen.
A great leader knows how to do all of these things and more, but if you can'll be on your way too.
@TessStevens Despite the fact that he slept with like every one of his co-workers and cheated on his wife like 500 times!
@mchlyang you said it! He is. And I think he was a great leader too .
And it def helps to look that good in a suit. Don Draper's the man!
Yes @mchlyang despite all of that Hahahahahahahahah