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Actor Park Shi Hoo nightmare seems like it has no end. It was reported by a media outlet that the actor tried to reach a settlement with his accuser, 22-year-old “A” outside the court but unfortunately, the negotiation didn't go through. According to TV Chosun, Park Shi Hoo's lawyers tried to end the actor's nightmare by offering “A” 100 million won (About $92,000) but “A” refused the deal, asking for more money. After news of the fallen deal, the actor is now involve in another controversy. New posts online accuse the actor of impersonating a fan to receive money from fans. According to those posts, the actor signed up on his own fan cafe, and acted as a fan to collect money from his fans that wanted to give him a birthday present. His fans collected about 7.8 million won, which is about 7,200 dollars. All this money was put into an account with the name “Park Pyung Ho” which happens to be the actor's real name. The fans who wrote these posts, also attached pictures of the bank account booklet and pictures of a receipt from Tiffany & Co, that shows that the money was completely used to buy him a silver necklace. When fans started to post questions about the name in the account, the questions got deleted, which only made this whole situation more confusing. The actor who have postponed his investigation dates, have been summoned to appear in the Western Police Department on March 1st, if he fails to appear in front of the police, he will get arrested.