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Keeping the Fuse Lit Longer? Rumor BigBang will renew contract with YG
(photo courtesy of @SatinSkies )
BigBang has been hitting and breaking the ground of many countries during their world tour. They finished up their US leg which gained the attention of the New York Times and Rolling Stone and have continued to Canada and Austrailia. The group isn't done yet. 2015 still hopes to end with the full "MADE" album which was slated to be released in September but pushed back to allow rest and possibly more music.
It seemed all was going well until the realization that their contract with YG would be ending in the coming year and members would have to begin preparing for mandatory military enlistment. Fans had it in their hearts that this was he last they would hear of the group. Taeyang even made mention of it during tour stops that it was unclear if the 5 would ever be together again under one large roof with all their fans.
But there's a chance that may not be the case...
A few sources are swirling with rumors that BigBang could, in fact, renew their contract with YG but have yet to do so because of scheduling.
What could this all mean?
It could mean that they would sign on as individuals and continue to do solo work before and after enlistment with the chance of maybe doing work as a group after everyone is out in 6 years.
These rumors so up in the air right now that everyone is grasping at whatever they can.
I'm just hoping it's true because they're dynamic as a team, as duos, and individuals is unlike anything I've ever seen in all the years I've been a fan of Kpop.
Even this the new album is proof of that. Many people were convinced that they wouldn't do another album as a group because they've been doing well separate and as duos.
As @SatinSkies said to me, "YG would be fools to let them go without trying to sign them as individuals at least."
Are the doors still open for BigBang?
What are you hoping for? I'm crossing my fingers that the rumors are true!
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why 6 years though?
2 years agoReply
me too they can't split,they are best together. Viva Big Bang.
2 years agoReply
I hate that going to the military is mandatory. 馃槩
2 years agoReply
I hope they are true cuz bigbang shine the best when they are together
2 years agoReply
I hope it's true also! I love you GD!
2 years agoReply