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Hello Anime Community Friends,

Time for our Monday Madness challenge! ^_^

This week I am asking you to make a card about the anime scene that gave you the most feels~
I know we all have that one anime moment/scene that we never can never forget because of how it made us feel. I'd love to see your card about it!
As usual, Monday Madness Rules:
> You can and are encouraged use images, gifs and videos in your card! :)
> You have till Sunday to do the challenge.
> Make sure to have {MM} in front of your card title.
> Tag me so I don't miss your card! :)
> Tag 3 other people who you want to see do this challenge!
Here's my card as an example:

Hope you guys enjoy this Monday Madness challenge!

Clannad 馃槩
I'm going to do one as well !!!馃槂馃槂
Yes they're back, Monday Madness is back lol. I've been waiting for so long and this topic is so wide in perspective which I love, I can't wait to make this card! 馃挅
Another awesome challenge. My brain hurts. lol I need to start writing this stuff down or I may lose track of things along the way. *Probably already have somewhere*
The only one that comes to mind is this very bromantic part of the dark tournament in yu yu hakusho. Kurama is unconscious and still being forced to fight and the dude who's fighting him goes to pick him up to punch him out of the ring and all of a sudden his teammate says "put him down, or do you think you ca. survive a bullet to the back?" and he turns and Yusuke has hid fingertip pointed at him like put him down! One of my favorite anime moments ever. They were willing to lose the tournament but not their friend.
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