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I was skimming through EXID videos as usual and saw the most horrific thing I've ever seen on Korean television.

The most insane way to torture a fanboy or girl:

1. Tell them they can see their favorite group perform live

2. Give them front row seats

3. Bring the group onstage

4. Make them turn their chairs around so they can't actually see the performance - they can only see the audience


Start at 1:45...the boys in the blue are not allowed to watch EXID perform but can sit right next to them as the performance happens.

Meanwhile check out the soldier's PRICELESS faces.

So, do you think you could survive this torture?

omg I love the soldiers reactions hard core fan boys right there
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No. This should be a sin. Not okay at all. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
they needed a bigger mirror lol
2 years ago·Reply
NO!!! NOT AT ALL I would turn that chair back around or stand if I have to and watch them
2 years ago·Reply
That is so evil. 😥 Imagine if they did that to a fangirl with BTS or Seventeen. She'd lose it. 😭😂
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