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Tell me the source of your feels...

If you don't know what an OTP is, turn back now before you are consumed. Having an OTP will ruin your life. Sleep will no longer have meaning for you. You will constantly be dehydrated because of your tears. It will hurt and you will only want more. Seriously, turn back while you still can.
Or check out this card!

Now that's over with...

It's time to talk about our ships. We all have them. We probably don't even realize how severe the problem is. It's only fair if I go first, so here goes...

Anime & Manga

Riza x Roy
Ashitaka x San
Duzell x Phelios
Tohru x Kyo
InuYasha x Kikyo


Stucky (Steve x Bucky)
Clintasha (Clint x Natasha)
Sam x Natasha
Rogue x Gambit

Harry Potter

Drarry (Draco x Harry)
Ron x Hermione
Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
Ginny x Luna

DC Comics

Harley x Ivy
Damian Wayne X Supergirl


Johnlock (Sherlock x John)
Johniarty (John x Moriarty)
Doctor x Rose
Destiel (Dean x Castiel)


Spock x Kirk
Miles Morales x Damian Wayne
Sterek (Stiles and Derek)

Let's all talk about the source of all of our feels!!!

Fangirls and fanboys, assemble! We need to talk about who is making us all really sad right now. Just remember...
Just kidding! I know we're all friends here. I'm not worried at all!
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@Shannon15 Depends by what you mean, I am in the Fandom, though I joined late and I'm only I'm season six XD
@KianCampbell that's ok! I think there's someone who only started season 3 recently haha. But yeah there's a community for it on Vingle and we've mostly been talking about the characters so I think you'd be able to stay spoiler free
@Shannon15 Oo! Sounds fun! I'll check it out X3