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Mikan and Natsume in high school uniform!! Don't they look lovely! I hope that's the author's hint that Natsume will live!! This chapter is rather short but the good news it next chapter will come out on April 5th along with Skip Beat and Kamisama Hajimemashita! April will be a good month!! This time I will do a short summary :) Ch 176 Summary + Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 ------------------------------------------------------------- Mikan is about to leave the Alice Academy. Looks like her memories still have not been erased. She thinks about Hotaru and wonder what happened to her. Mikan is surprised to see everyone at the Academy came to say goodbye to her; they yell out words of encouragement to her. Mikan cried saying she's thankful to everyone and that she won't ever forget them :(( Narumi tells Mikan that her being at the Academy has made a difference in everyone's life. Class Prez mentioned Mr. Bear had left but then but suddenly there are some strange noises coming out of Mikan's luggage. Turned out Mr. Bear sunk inside! Mr. Bear gave Mikan a letter from his creator, the sickly senpai (I forgot his name). The senpai entrusted Mr. Bear to Mikan who doesn't want to part from Mikan (awww). The high school principal allowed Mr. Bear to go with Mikan on the condition that no one must know Mr. Bear is from the Alice Academy. A sweet short chapter this time. Actually the page is the same but I feel it very short for some reason. Maybe because there's not much progress. I wonder how Mikan's journey will begin. I hope she can come back to the school someday! Next chapter will come out on April 5th!
I agreed with @seen !! I also thought this was very similar to HP. can't wait for april 5th!!!
@pnhq ya I even find gakuen alice to have similarities with harry potter. I love this manga and having a sad ending will totally ruin it. thanks for the summary btw. :)
@seen i think and hope this manga will have a happy ending. In the beginning it looks like a happy manga but i think there has been many sad things that happened. I think some of the fans even said they would drop the manga if Natsume really die. I hope Hotaru and her brother wont have to sacrifice themselves :(
I read somewhere that Mikan received a "restoration" alice stone as a christmas gift from the previous chapters. I cant find that chapter that they were referring to. Is it true? (*hopes) I still think Mikan's memories wont be erased. Natsume will definitely find Mikan if thats the case, but forgetting the story of her parents is just...... unjustifiable? I dont think that THAT type of ending would suit this kind of manga.
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