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We know that I can get a little worked up when it comes to VIXX, but holy moly if you don't get swept off your feet by what I'm about to show you, you deserve an award for being so strong. Seriously. Leo looks so good. Ravi looks so good. They both look SOooOo good.

Seoul Fashion Week is just wrapping up, and VIXX's Leo, Ravi, Hyuk all made a number of appearances so far!

LR made a special appearance in the Supercomma B show, along with Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK!

Here's a few videos of them walking the runway!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!
The first video is their cut from the show, the second video is the full show they're part of!

They also took some shots supporting SupercommeB clothes!

Earlier in SFW, they modeled for Gwak Hyun Joo's Collection!

Ravi and Hyuk supported The Studio K (who VIXX has supported before!)

Ravi also came to support Beyond Closet!

Hyuk showed up to do an interview and support Heche es Heche!

And for Charms!

And Ken showed up to support Lee Jiyeon's Jarret Collection!


@StephanieDuong omgg I love his hair from the voodoo era. it was yass
@byeolbit luckyy. you got to see them. like what is their secret or something. cause I like need to know. xD
@byeolbit sameee. I always think of their flawless skin too. like ughh. lol idek if their real. even they are real they are majestic
@StephanieDuong I know!!! But I so want to see it XD
@StephanieDuong YESSSS I really hope that at least him and maybe Leo will do crazy colors this time around.....everyone else (well Hyuk could too) have other commitments like dramas and stuff so I'm not sure who else can
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