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Say HELLO to Snuper!!

I've found yet another new group by chance! This new group will be/is called Snuper! Fun right? They'll be the first ever idol group for WIDMAY Entertainment. You can read more about them if you click the picture above!
Main Vocals Sangil (top)(eldest) and Suhyun (bottom)
Two more vocals Woosung (top) and Sangho (bottom)
Rappers Taewoong (top) and Sebin (bottom)(maknae) (these two have apparently appeared in dramas and movies before now! makes sense when the company deals mainly in actors I guess. Now where have I seen them?..)
Their first concept photos! Looks like they'll be shooting for a sweeter more nice guy concept for their debut which is expected to be around mid November.

See anyone you like already? Sangil and Sangho have already caught my eye LOL! Any thoughts on having more potential bias wreckers on the scene?

*just incase you didn't read the article, which is understandable & ok!, all pictures are from said article I just didn't feel like copy/pasting all the words. Lil lazy I know but it's already past midnight here...
Wait but their name is....SNUPER?! HAHAHAHAHHA
And Taewoong reminds me of Dong Woon from BEAST!! :D
OMG.... I'll be looking forward to their debut! But I don't think I can take anymore groups in my heart. lol. xD
Snuper men. LOL. Anyways Sangho reminds me a lot of Jinwoon of 2am!
Suhyun caught my eye!! Oh no... here I go again...
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