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We've all done it. Don't feel bad.

You know. Wearing those same pair of jeans you wore on Monday again on Thursday. Who cares? Contrary to popular belief, clothes are meant to be worn multiple times before they need to be washed and I have proof to go with that statement. Often times it's not you who really cares about wearing the same item over again, it's more so the fact that you're hoping people don't realize you're wearing it again. Well, guess what? It turns out that you're not the only person who wears items of clothing multiple times and it's perfectly fine.
Of course you want to smell so fresh and so clean, clean -- and don't get me wrong you should, but there's no reason why you should be smelling like spoiled milk one day after wearing your favorite pair of denim or that piece of flannel or even that bralette. Unless you're sweating like a hog and you can smell your own stench, cut yourself some slack. Believe me, everyone does it or has done it in the past and if they happen to tell you that they don't -- they're lying. If you're wondering how long you can wear a certain piece of clothing before throwing it in the wash, keep scrolling to find out below.


How Long Before Washing: Five to six wears.
According to the director of brand concepts and special projects for Levi Strauss & Co., he washes his once every six months.

Underwear, Socks and Stockings

How Long Before Washing: One wear.

Tops, Dresses and Leggings

How Long Before Washing: One to two wears.

Sportswear and Swimwear

How Long Before Washing: One wear.

Jackets and Blazers

How Long Before Washing: Five to six wears.

Pants, Skirts and Shorts

How Long Before Washing: Three to four wears.

Bras and Pajamas

How Long Before Washing: Three to four wears.


How Long Before Washing: Every two months of wear.
Relax. It's okay.

Go ahead and wear the jeans again.