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The lion , Leo (I must say I couldn't help but stare at Ravi and N throughout the video but my attention was mostly on Leo even though my bias is Ravi)
Comment your bias from Vixx below @kpopandkimchi @DestinyGLove @KAddict @MissyKim
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aha nice
2 years ago·Reply
HAKYEOOOON!!!! But this video was so good - and will kill @byeolbit
2 years ago·Reply
OOOOHHH BOYYYY. Man. Oh man. He gets so into dancing with girls @.@
2 years ago·Reply
Oh Leo is so hot XD Was it bad that I was a little jealous when he was dancing with that girl lol
2 years ago·Reply
I feel bad cuz I loved Leo. He was my bias but I realized we were too different so cutie Ken is my bias :) we are more alike and compatible
2 years ago·Reply