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T.O.P's inner giraffe love
Updated on Instagram T.O.P posted multiple giraffe photos saying "Love you man ~"
And No he's not talking about you Kwang Soo! Haha Or at least I don't think so ^.^
Just wanted to share this Instagram video he posted and make a card because I'm a giraffe lover too. ♡
& Yes, I'm talking about both giraffes lol ;D
THAT LAST GIF! I want to share my food with a giraffe!
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@kpopandkimchi with Kwang Soo (Giraffe) right? lol jk
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And no he's not talking about Kwang Soo. XD I love that part.
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@HarataRiku Haha Thank you! Just had to clear that out just in case Kwang Soo was reading this card lol
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