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@littlemaryk asked us to make a card with our favorite anime quotes (profound, deep, hilarious and/or memorable) in her Anime Quotes Challenge:

Here I go!

This quote stuck with me when I was watching NGNL. Very applicable to real life!
Taking friendship to the next level, Mikasa Ackerman never fails to impress! Fight on!
Do I even need to explain this one? All the Tokyo Ghoul fans can relate to this one.
This quote sums up all of Death Parade in six words. Decim keeps it real!
To end on a lighter note, one of my favorite Ghibli quotes from Howl's Moving Castle.
I will tag @NerukaWong @Shemoo and @TokyoBear! :)
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One of my favorite quotes was something Jiraiya said, "Once you've been hurt, you learn to hate. But if you hurt another, you become hated and you shoulder a sense of guilt. But it is because one understands such pain, that generosity towards others becomes second nature. That's what makes us human."
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@hollysenpai jiraiya was such a great wordsmith, especially for a guy who wrote erotic fictions
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Man, such a great variety. The tokyo ghoul and howls moving castle ones are me favorite....pshhh I really dig all of them!
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@VinMcCarthy Jiraiya really was...I was so attached to him and I cried so much when he died ;-;
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