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Quoted off ONE PIECE FILM Z ( ex Admiral Aokiji)
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@JessReno I'm not the best drawer but from some manga artist I've talked to they say just keep doing it and you'll get better. You can prob see my super early works on a couple of my other pages of luffys face and of Obito facing konohagakure village but it's unfinished. Lol. And I know I have talked to some people that are interesting and such but never anyone that has actually kept talking back and not gotten annoyed or just stopped responding lol. Maybe we just know what's up when it comes to devoting real time to anime and manga and having fun with life haha. Do you live in the US? I'm prob an old man tho compared to you and a lot of other people but u do know some older animes so maybe I'm not that old haha. Btw love your profile pic!! I'm watching lap it's castle in the sky right now haha. Always love this movie to relax to.
@JessReno I forgot I asked if u live in the US already haha. My memory is only good when it comes to things like anime and such haha.
I live in the US also. I'm 23 years old. Haha. So idk if that's young or old. But I am glad you aren't another 16 year old. That always happens. Haha. @LuffyNewman
@JessReno I'm 26 so I feel super relieved haha. No that's not old I just wasn't sure if you were in high school still or not. But we should look each other up on FB or Insta or something lol. That's if you'd want to? And I switched to Nausicaa of the valley of the wind now haha.
My Facebook is deactivated at the moment. But I do have Instagram and snapchat. @LuffyNewman