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Quoted off ONE PIECE FILM Z ( ex Admiral Aokiji)
luffynewman that would be to much epicness in one moment I hope the Internet doesn't destroy itself 😛
My Facebook is deactivated at the moment. But I do have Instagram and snapchat. @LuffyNewman
I live in the US also. I'm 23 years old. Haha. So idk if that's young or old. But I am glad you aren't another 16 year old. That always happens. Haha. @LuffyNewman
Anime has taught me more than any real life school ever did. Haha. I've always wanted to make my own manga but I can't draw for crap as much as I try. I love your enthusiasm! I've talked to some cool people on sites like this about anime. But never talked to someone this cool (: @LuffyNewman
@JessReno that's so awesome I'm super jealous of those rad tats wish we could meet up and I could check em and then see when we're all done with our tats and how awesome they look. Haha. Some people don't understand but it's a way of life. And I'm the same I need someone like u to be in my life to truly feel the same way about the same passions I have. Def amazing and glad I got to meet you on here!! Gonna have to meet at a comic con or something just to sit down and have a real chat about anime and manga and tattoos and life. And funny about your Spider-Man bc I have a superman emblem on my back big 1/4 back piece with kryptonite crystal breaking all around it. Gonna have to chat or something someday somehow!! There is a person who understands me and this type of life in the world. Haha you exist, I feel the exact same way :) I look forward to your comments back bc they are directed towards me or anime and manga and seems like we have the same passions in a lot of the same stuff!
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