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It looks like Netflix is scooping up whatever it can these days in the best possible way. News recently broke that they are trying to revive the series for their successful streaming service. For fans of the show, it seems like something they'd be 100 percent excited for.
Personally, I haven't fallen into the show the same way some of my peers have. It's not the show's fault or anything, maybe it's more of my own. I can remember watching my mom watch this show whenever she had some free time. It didn't matter what episode she was watching but she always looked like she had tears in her eyes.
If I had asked her about it, she would have told me that it reminds her of herself and her mother. Which is understandable. For most of my life they've lived in different countries. But that didn't really keep them a part. I remember my mom and the hours-long phone calls she had with her mother. It's not that I would eavesdrop, it's just they were always talking loud about something or other. Never yelling at each other, always laughing.
And part of me hopes that I could have that relationship with my mother when we're both a little older and I set my roots somewhere that isn't my hometown. Maybe that's why this show is so important to people. Maybe it's the connection between the mother and daughter that resonated with its audience.
I'm not entirely sure if having a good relationship with your parent rests on being the same gender as them but I hope not. I like considering my mom a friend and I hope she considers me one as well. Maybe I'll start watching this show in my free time and see what made my mom (and probably many others) want to tune in every week.
If everything goes to plan, Netflix will release 4 90-minute episodes instead of shorter, more television ready episodes. I think the series creator is treating each new episode as a mini-movie instead of a television show which might change things a little bit. But I doubt the show's fans will be opposed to that idea.