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And I thought sleeping with just my one dog was annoying enough. I can't imagine what bedtime is for those of you with 2 or 3!
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i have 2 dogs one big one small, 2 cats also one big one small, one 5lbs guinea pig, and one leopard gecko between all that i am also sharing a bed with one of my friends who lives with me and my family
@NicoleFireRose Omg, what are all their names???
@danidee the big dog is named Chewbacca, the small dog is named Bernie, the older cast is named trouble, my kitten is named nutmeg (and jerkface depending on her mood ), the guinea pig is named mike, and the leopard gecko is named lizzy
@NicoleFireRose Omg, Chewbacca is the cutest dog name.
@danidee i know but because of how much of a mouth full it is to say Chewbacca when usually call him Chewy except when we are praising or scolding him