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ISIS is building a new kind of army, an army of young children to fight for them. Recently, they released a promotion video showing their military camp for kids. In addition to the knowledge they are training them, we also discovered this week that the training camp circle also has a headquarters in Istanbul.

Watch the Chilling Video below...

Remember that this is not the first time we’ve seen child soldiers in our history. This seems to be a trend for vicious dictators.

But why is that? Aren’t children weaker and less able to be in the military?

Here is a quote I found from the documentary Hitler’s Children that sums up WHY the best for me :

“Because it provides a generation of dedicated children.”

Think about it, if ISIS is preparing this generation, then get a chance to mold these children and shape them into what they want them to be. So they have supporters for generations to come.

What can we do to stop this?

Also, props to @paulisaghost for inspiring this card. check out his card about the Beasts of No Nation.
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