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So you've tried lamb brains, cow tongue, and pig feet - but would you dare to eat the testicles of a buffalo, bull, boar, sheep, or goat? How about if they were all-you-can-eat, deep-fried, and served with a side of ranch?

If you're one of the brave few that said 'yes', fortunately for you, there's Riley's in Syracuse, New York, known for their October special of all-you-can-eat deep-fried testicles.

Riley's 'Testical Festival' is a restaurant tradition that's had Syracuse locals going 'nuts' for decades now, with manager Valerie Brefka insisting that those who've braved their first bout with the strange meat actually end up quite liking them:

"Some people do it to try them. Some people actually love the taste of them."

So what exactly does this not-so-mystery meat taste like?
According to owner Terry Riley, they're strangely reminiscent of both chicken and seafood:

"Cooked, they look like a chicken nugget, but with a softer consistency, maybe like a fried scallop. The taste is a little meaty - with the breading providing a good deal of the flavor."

I know. That doesn't sound SO bad, but there's still a part of me that's just like:
But to the skeptics out there (me included), Terry has one final note to add:

"If you can't have fun with balls, then, well, I guess you can't have fun."

So now I want to know:

Would YOU want to participate in Riley's Testical Festival? Is deep-fried and dipped in ranch enough to change your mind?

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yeah. at first I was like EHHHHHH like @alywoah but thinking more about it, I have eaten pig's ass (among other things) so as long as this is cooked and stuff, why not try it?
i love cows tongue. i kno it doesnt sound appetizing but its good especially in tacos with guacamole
the one I tried was salty, oily and chewy... it wasn't a good combination for me @alywoah
@DarielaCorona I know, right. A Vingler with taste!
@danidee That's right. Anything fried is actually really good.
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