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@poojas asked me to make a card with my favorite anime quotes. well there is only one that has truly changed the way i see things.

years ago i got a shonen jump magazine, when i was reading it i came across a bleach chapter. it was the final moments of the fight between kurotsuchi and Szayelaporro. ever since i read this quote i have stick to the idea that nothing in this world is perfect. therefore, this is my favorite quote in the anime/manga world so far.

truth is, i am not a big fan of bleach. i do like it,but it won't make it to my top 10.
i tag, @priscillasdoor,@hikaymm (^^9)
I'll do this soon!!! thanks for the tag. I love your quote ^^
@Shemoo that's dope! and I feel you. Bleach is in my top 5, but probably because I desperately need to increase the manga I read and the anime I watch.
dont get me wrong, i do like it. i just happen to like 10 more animes better. lol. i actually ended up buying 3 dvd volumes JUST so i could watch that part on the anime.@VinMcCarthy
not top 10? blasphemy! jkjk. but I do really like this quote, and honestly Mayuri is one of my favorite characters. he's just so weirdly interesting.