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This is my response to @poojas {Monday Madness} Challenge
Check out the original card if you want to participate as well:
There are so many scenes that gave me the feels and it's hard to just pick one. I chose this scene as it's one of the scenes that gave me a huge surprise and I was devastated by it. Also, I didn't want to pick those scenes that I know are so obvious in the anime community.

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

Before you keep reading, I will be spoiling "Charlotte" so if you haven't watched it, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! @poojas, if you haven't watched it either, just like, clip etc. and run away!
Without further ado, here it goes, prepare yourself!
Ayumi from Charlotte, become one of my favorite characters recently and with good reasons. She's literally THE cutest sister character I've seen in a while. She's caring, energetic, positive and kawaii! >w<
She can also cook and and always takes care of her brother. She's the reason I might develop a serious case of shisukon (excessive love for one's sister). I would also love to try that Omurice with pizza sauce she's always making~
However, she ends up dying early in the anime because of her own powers. This struck me so hard that I couldn't believe it. I even stopped watching Charlotte all together (Did end up finishing the anime).
There are literally no words to describe what I felt after that scene. I could even feel what Yuu (Her brother) felt in the following episode. It really took me some time before finishing Charlotte but I have to say it was worth it. But every time Charlotte and Ayumi are mentioned, the only scene I can think of is this one.
For those who made it this far means you already watched the anime. I would love to know your opinions bout this scene as well, if you wanna share the feels, I'm all ears~
I would like to tag @ButterflyBlu @Arellano1052 @shannonl5 to do the challenge as well~
Of course I'll do this. I just have to decide which one to do. I tend to feel a LOT... no, I think I know which one. Ok, I'll do it a little later. <3 Great card, too. I'm sure your little sisters would just LOOOOOVE to have you love them obsessively. *coughNOTcough* ;)
dem feels
Eeee I had to scroll to the bottom to avoid spoilers but I'll do the challenge I promise!! Just as soon as I get some sleep XD
This show has one of the best plot twists I've ever experienced. Especially with how slow the anime starts off, this particular dark turn in the story slaps you with an unnerving dose of reality in direct contrast to the previous episodes. So much so I felt remorse and bewilderment at the news of her death myself. Almost didn't finish it, but after that episode I was too emotionally invested to quit.