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This is my response card to this week's Monday Madness challenge: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1140295-Monday-Madness-Most-Feelsy-Anime-Scene
I cried a waterfall with ever episode involving his parents, but... The main one when they say goodbye just before sealing the nine tails is burned into my memory as a bittersweet story of overwhelming love, joy, loss, and pain rolled into one.
Noooooo, not my mom and Dad. ......D: I don't want to be an orphan. *sob* (I really felt this part too. It was so heartbreaking and courageous. They're excellent examples of those who would die for their loved ones and their home.)
oh man, this really hits me in my feels-place. this part of the series also resonated with me, but personally I think I'd say that when Naruto met Kushina is the feelsiest of feels in the whole series.
After having a baby, just about anything can make me cry if it involves children. I read peter pan and it made me ball because their mother had no idea what had become of them.