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Okay so who has seen the show "ONE PUNCH MAN"?
If you have what do you guys think of the show? Is good,great,epic,awesome is it goodgreatepicawesome??? Lol all just one big word cause the show is that great? Or is the show garbage? :) share your thoughts what do you think of it! (be honest) ^_^
Trust me if you haven't seen the 3 episodes that are out
You should get to it! Cause in my opinion this show is EXTREMELY awesome!! And funny haha >:) I haven't read the manga yet but I want to read it tho hahahah x) but any ways to all my anime fans and geeks out there what do you think of this show??

All I have to say lol
Saitama is OP!!!!!!!!
If he's fist touches you............
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Haven't seen the anime yet but still reading the manga!
I love overpowering anime character. but Saitama is one of the best overpowering character
Can't wait to start reading the Manga and watching it I've heard a lot of good things
@NikolasSatterwh I'm reading the manga and watching it lol :) I have vol. 1,2,3 they are barley transferring them to English heheh the show is EPIC! >:)
@MoisEsGaray I'm glad to hear!