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Spider-Man Web Shooters Cosplay Tutorial

Unleash your inner spider.

If you're planning on cosplaying anyone in the Spider-Family (Peter Parker, Gwen Stacey, Miles Morales...), you're going to need to create a web-shooter replica. The above tutorial is pretty simple, it'll only cost you about twenty dollars. But if you'd like something a little more functional...
You could create a web shooter using a solenoid valve and an empty CO2 cartridge (be careful with those!). While this option is a little bit bulkier, and not recommended for air travel, it *is* really cool! You could also...
Create a modified arm crossbow! Instead of shooting pencils, you could build a weighted arrow connected to a "web" (string or wire) and sling it from your wrist!
Or, if you're feeling silly...
This version of the web shooter uses silly string to create the effect. For an added bonus, you can use glow in the dark silly string. Because it looks cool.
I hope you liked this series of tutorials! Is there a character you'd like to see next time?
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