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Teen Driving Safety
http://www.northhollywoodtoyota.com/noho-advantage/resources/teen-driving-safety/ | As a parent, it can be a scary proposition when your teenager reaches driving age. Making sure that he or she is safe behind the wheel at all times is your top priority. In order to teach your teen driving safety, it is necessary to share statistics surrounding teen drivers, as well as tips for minimizing distractions and navigating situations.
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Man, I wish I would have payed more attention to things like this. I'm 18 and have been in about 4 accidents and received two tickets. Two accidents involving other drivers and one probably totalling my car. Young/beginning drivers, take note of these warnings above and ahead: Don't speed. Focus on the road. Be cautious at all times. Don't drive aggressively. All among other things. Be safe out there
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lmfao, are just use common sense when piloting a multi ton vechile
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