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Ohio is typically known for being pretty politically conservative, but on November 4th they will hit the voting booths and vote on the issue of legalization of marijuana in the state.
The vote is for Issue 3, which would allow 10 commercial facilities to grow cannabis. Adults over 21 could purchase, possess and use up to 1 ounce of marijuana, both medicinally or recreationally.


ResponsibleOhio, a campaign seeking to legalize marijuana in the state created a mascot “Buddie” to help promote the issue.
The campaign itself backfired, outraging parents and parent organization saying the mascot targets children.
But the campaign stated back: "Buddie only addresses people that are 18 and older, and Buddie works specifically with voters.”

What do you think? Down with the Marijuana Mascot? Or keep this fuzzy guy for the campaign?

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i don't agree with the mascot on that same token. marijuana jus need to be legalized everywhere alreadt
Keep him...!
@fanona I’m guessing you are from MN then ;)
@DannyMoses so you don’t agree that there should be a mascot? but you do agree in legalization? cool perspective, because I feel like most people that agree with the legalization would agree with the mascot. care to elaborate ? :)
He is pretty cute huh? @JulauryVarlack you don’t think it might be a bad campaign at all?