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Because right now the world thinks he's endorsing Donald Trump.

To recap: The actor currently playing Sam Wilson (a comic book character who is taking up the mantle of Captain America) recently gave a BET interview where he might have been joking about endorsing Donald Trump. The candidate who had this to say about immigrants coming to the United States from Mexico:
"And some of them I assume are good people," was not really enough to cover for that epic display of racism. So was Mackie kidding when he said this:
"He's an easy sell. He's the guy that worked himself up from nothing. I think that if you're a pull-yourself-up-from-your-bootstraps candidate, people identify with that."

Sure. Because inheriting a company from your parents is something we can all relate to.

Joking or not, maybe it's time to stop laughing at Trump.

Why do we think he's saying such awful things? Is it because he's having a really fun time running for the GOP nomination? Because he's decided to spend his money trolling America? No. It's because this is what he believes (or he believes it's going to get him elected). And he is not alone. And that's not funny at all.

Captain America knows better

In the recent issue of Captain America #1 released last Wednesday, the hero defeats a group of vigilantes patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border. The vigilantes (led by the Supreme Serpent, above) claimed that immigrants are "enemy combatants".
"By invading this sovereign land, you defy the laws of God, nature and the United States Constitution! ...I can see you have enough trouble with you already, trouble and disease and crime weigh heavy on your backs."
Sound familiar? That was intentional. The writer of the comic, Nick Spencer, is really not a fan of Trump.

Even in the comics universe, this was no laughing matter.

Captain America is currently Sam Wilson (hey Mackie: that's the guy you play in the movies), replacing the original Cap, Steve Rogers. And in-universe, the response to Sam's actions as Captain America is overwhelmingly negative. He's called anti-American and a socialist (hint: that's not what socialism is), because while heroes are supposed to defend those who can't defend themselves, it seems like we've all forgotten that.

But sure, keep making Trump jokes.

But forgive me if I don't laugh. Because the political climate has become incredibly polarized. You're either with us or you're against us. You're either a patriot or a villain. There's no space for disagreement, or different perspectives. You know, the two things that used to make our country great. Comedy is an incredibly useful tool, but right now it's being used to dismiss the very real problems we're facing today.
Captain America knows what's up. Do you?
I personally love Bernie Sanders. even if he doesn't win this election, he is making a name for himself and providing an alternative to our current government types. with only democrats and republicans over the last few decades, we have become stagnated and evenly split... with only two choices your only options are either for or against with no room for difference or progress. trump is a joke, Hilary is the lesser of two evils. Sanders is creating a movement among socially aware, culturally sensitive, critical thinking millenials who will soon be the ones making decisions and raising a different caliber of american children who believe in freedom, equality, and humanitarianism.
@SaSevy sounds like you are really passionate about Bernie! I say that he did really well in the debates! on on that note, Ughh I totally agree @shannonl5 and @RobertMarsh I’m also just very done talking about Trump!
@RobertMarsh same here. Personally, I feel alienated by the whole process. Not even taking into account the electoral college making voters feel like their actions are futile, it really feels like the candidates are more concerned with winning than working, if that distinction makes sense
I'm anti Trump/Clinton... I'm hoping another plausible candidate surfaces