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Sexy Gandalf #CostumeGoals

If you've been talking to me on Vingle lately, you must know that I've been wanting to be a wizard for Halloween this year. But damn, this chick totally one-upped me with her Sexy Gandalf. I'm just impressed.
I just made my class have a heated discussion about lord of the rings it was fantastic!
@mchlyang Gandalf is universally sexy though.
Hahahahaha yes....@SerenaMcG We all have different opinions on what we consider awesome and sexy!
@InPlainSight I did. I saw it. I saw it alright. And @SerenaMcG @jannatd93 LOL I like how all the girls are like THIS IS RAD but @mchlyang is like BOOO. THIS IS NOT SEXY.
You shall not pass!
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