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If you've been talking to me on Vingle lately, you must know that I've been wanting to be a wizard for Halloween this year. But damn, this chick totally one-upped me with her Sexy Gandalf. I'm just impressed.
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at first me and a few people were playing D&D. I said you shall not pass! and my teacher started talking about it and then everyone started to talk. we got nothing done that day..
@DonavynGarton Omg, I've always wanted to play D&D. My sister's boyfriend has the dice for it, and I always look at them like they're magical.
Its a really fun game you should try it. it can be addicting tho just to warn you.
@DonavynGarton I will come back to blame you many years from now once I've finally worked past my D&D addiction.
@danidee have fun with that lol