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This is my response for @littlemaryk "Anime quotes challenge"!
If you want to participate as well, here's the link to the original card:
I actually think most anime quotes are great. Some are deep, some are hilarious and some are just epic~ But these are the ones that I liked the most (Also loved the anime).
All the quotes are by Gai Tsutsugami (Guilty Crown)
"There are only two paths you can choose. You can sit quietly and be selected out of this world, or you can adapt and change!"

Deep: Check~

Hilarious: Check~

Epic: CHECK!

There you go~ I've made my point, so now it's your turn Anime Community! Let's get busy people~
Especially when you are discovering new anime daily/weekly but yay sounds great to me many thanks! ^.^ @RosePark
@littlemaryk haha no worries there, I am also like that (especially with anime). I'll remind you from time to time ^^
I am rather forgetful when I get consumed in another anime and/or life so I will probably need it, straight up haha but I've been doing alright lately actually, clipping things has been helpful @RosePark
@littlemaryk lol I'm gonna be bugging you until you watch it then xD
I didn't either actually....I never finished or got very far but I'm thinking I should put the time in and just do it now...after I finish the anime I just started that is. Mental Note. @RosePark
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