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What would you do if you had spent several months planning a wedding when suddenly your groom gets cold feet and leaves you hanging at the altar? For many brides-to-be, that's one of their biggest fears. And for Sacramento jilted bride, Quinn Duane, this matrimonial nightmare was her reality.
So what do you do when you've spent $35,000 on a dinner gone to waste? Well, donate it all to charity, of course. And that's precisely what the Duane family did.
The reception at the ultra-luxe Citizen Hotel, originally booked for 120 guests, opened its doors to almost 100 of the city's homeless, allowing hungry families to eat a wide array of appetizers with a main course option of gnocchi, salmon, or sirloin steak.
Many guests expressed their gratitude to the family in interviews with local press. For example, Erica Abdullah, who lives in a shelter with her husband Rashaad and five children, had this to say after being moved by the experience:

"To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it someone else is really giving, really kind."

Quinn, the ex-bride in question, understandably skipped the dinner to stay at home. However, both she and her mother have continued turning the negatives into positives - turning a non-refundable honeymoon into a mother-daughter trip to Belize.

What would YOU do if you were left at the altar? Better yet, how much of a jerk do you think this groom feels like right now?

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I don't agree that this guy is a jerk. I don't know the details or the circumstances behind him backing out. However, it would have been far worse for both of them if he went through with it. I applaud the actions of the mother and daughter. Turning one of the worst wedding nightmares into joy for others, is incredible.
@WiviDemol I feel that way too! at least this girl got rid of him, because who knows...it could’ve been sour later on. And good for her for being so positive and giving it back.
She should have known, never go for a man with a chin beard
I can't believe he left her! She is an absolute angel!
There is always a better way to handle hard situations @WiviDemol :)
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