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Who wants to feel old and then hate themselves? I do!
I tend to stay away from these "Teens React" videos because I'm tired of knowing that there are people that are ten years (or more than ten years) younger than I am. But since Back to the Future Day is coming up (and since I love Back to the Future), I decided to go against what I normally do and watch this video.
[Spoiler Alert: It made me feel old and hate myself]
There was one thing that I really enjoyed throughout the 9-minute video (above) and it's that one kid who was definitely, totally, watched the movies (according to him, he's probably lying all young people lie) and was pumped while watching the trailers.
Other than that, I couldn't help but feel like I wasted a whole bunch of my life thinking about dumb things and typing them on the Internet. Maybe if I cared about something more than myself and my feelings, I could accomplish something greater, something that means... something. At the end of the video, one of the teenagers says something that is so unequivocally teenager, my nose almost started to bleed. They said,

"Thirty years is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Thirty years is like, I don’t know, one song on an iPod in a giant playlist that is life."

And, you know, I guess that's really poignant if you've never read an actual book. Or if you aren't a cranky dude on the internet that wishes he was still a teenager because everyone and everything bums him out. And when he tries to be optimistic, he just feels really stupid. And after I start feeling stupid, nothing feels like it's worth it anymore. So, I'll just lay in my bed and think about death, or life, or the afterlife. I'll really try to think about the grand scheme of things. I'll think about the giant-life-playlist. And I'll think about the song that is my life and what instruments are being played, if any. I'll wonder if it's a beautiful arrangement of strings or just a cacophony of screams. I'll just look at myself in the mirror and wish I wouldn't age.
Those Teens react videos are insane. Most of them don't know who Nsync's tragic.
yea, when that kid said he wasn't born in 1989 I'm like, "why, God?" lol I was only 2 months old but I was here!!
@WiviDemol Cute... but still younger than me and that alone makes me sad...
they're sooo cute
I'm in their age group and yet......... Holy shit..
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