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Age ain't nothing but a number, an Edith Traina is proving the world that she can life, and boy she CAN LIFT. At World Gym, she was able to pull 135lbs off the ground with grace and BADASSERY!
I want to be this lady when I get into my 90s!

Traina is a competitive powerlifter and started powerlifting when she was 91 years old.

"I'm looking forward to doing at least 200 pounds by the time I'm 100 so I can celebrate my centennial," Traina said.(Fox13News)

YOU CAN DO IT, TRAINA! Keep kickin' ass!

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This is so inspiring......she looks really young for her age as well. I guess powerlifting can help you to look younger and keep a healthy body and mind!
This would have been a nice, inspirational card for Ladies' Week! @shannonl5
Every week can be ladies' week :P @mchlyang
@alywoah Haha that is very true!
I'm so inspired by her :)