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Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction, what do they have in common? A lot more than you'd think actually. The easy answers are they're both about drugs/drug use, crime, and gang stuff. They both fall in the Crime genre. But did you know that Breaking Bad borrows heavily from Pulp Fiction's shot selection?
Jorge Luengo Ruiz edited together a two-minute video with scenes from Pulp Fiction and Breaking Bad side-by-side to show us the similarities in the movies. Some of them are a bit of a stretch, in my opinion. But other's are almost spot on, also in my opinion.
It made me think of the nature of filmmaking and the intertextuality (meaning the connection one work has with another) of it all. I don't see this at all as laziness from the people who shot and directed Breaking Bad, I actually see it as the opposite.
When filmmakers take, borrow, or steal from another filmmaker in a way that uses the original shot while putting their own spin on it; I look at it as something that takes more work that one might think. It's easy to steal a shot and when this happens it's usually a little hokey, a little cheap, and very disheartening.
In Breaking Bad's case, I feel like they only benefitted from the borrowing and shifting of some of the shots used in Pulp Fiction. I, honestly, never made the connection before but I'm glad Ruiz did. It's an interesting watch for those who are interested in both Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction and for those that don't really care it's a pretty good conversation card to play when you're bored at a work party.