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Halloween might be the spookiest time of year, but that doesn't mean it's not totally romantic! The leaves are falling; there's a slight nip in the air so you can steal his jacket; the cold air makes you appreciate all the more feeling the warmth of her hand in yours. And it's the perfect time for couples Halloween costumes, obviously! But did you know it's also the time for... couples pumpkins?
I definitely didn't, until now.
First, there's Say Anything pumpkin. The boombox scene? John Cusack? There's a reason this movie is called the most romantic thing to come out of the 1980's.
A Cinderella's carriage pumpkin! A bit ironic, because after midnight it'll revert to its true pumpkin form, but to each his own.
Lady and the Tramp pumpkin? Adorable!!
Every romantic's favorite Klimt painting in pumpkin form. Why not. Go crazy, pumpkin people.
Why not just turn the side of your pumpkin into a giant rose? Although, could have saved yourself some time and just bought roses in the first place. A bouquet of pumpkins... somehow, not as romantic.
Aaaaaaaand this happened, apparently.
Anybody weirded out by the last book when Bella wakes up covered in bruises?? I MEAN WHAT who said that I didn't read Twilight.
A painted bride and groom pumpkin, complete with baby's breath! I hope this wasn't an actual wedding gift from someone. I definitely did not put a pumpkin on my Bed Bath & Beyond registry.
Imaginary boyfriend, WHAT did I say about getting me a pumpkin bouquet???
...Well, okay. I accept. But only because now it's a bouquet IN a pumpkin.
Because after all, there's no better way to say "I love you" than with a pumpkin.
In fact, pumpkins are perfect for all of life's most important messages. Frankly, I'm surprised we don't see more pumpkins on Valentine's Day.
You know what, honey? Let's forgo the rings altogether, and spring for a pair of wedding pumpkins.
And our wedding better be pumpkin themed, or else you're on your own at the altar.
Sigh. If only. For now, my pumpkin wedding is just a single girl's lonely Halloween fantasy. Until then, I can only dream of finding a soul mate who complements me in every way, like these pumpkins have. Look how good they look together.
Until then, I guess I'm a lot like this little gourd. Hollow, with a heart missing.
JK YOU GUYS. I'm like the happiest little single pumpkin ever. Like this li'l guy! So cute!!
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And imaginary boyfriend, just so you know, no pumpkin proposals. Please.
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That Klimt one is rad, but knowing me, I would screw it up SO hard.