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The world's largest air purifier turns smog into gemstones.

Because science is determined to be the coolest thing ever, designer Daan Roosegaarde has officially unveiled this awesome machine. It scrubs pollution from 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour, and condenses pollutant particles into adorable little gemstones. Currently, it runs on about as much energy as a hot water boiler, and plans for the future include a totally sustainable solar energy source. Are you ready to say "I do"?

To decreasing pollution, that is.

The project is ready to expand, and currently the team that designed the tower is negotiating with Mumbai, Paris, Kazakhstan, and China to bring another tower there. The team is also measuring the environmental impact of the first tower in Rotterdam. With more of these in our future, we could all breathe easier.
I thought this was very similar to the swimsuit we were talking about, except for cleaning the ocean, it cleans the air. What do you think?! @ButterflyBlu @BeannachtOraibh @Aubrey1990 @MaighdlinS @ToniEliseHolden @DasiaB @VinMcCarthy @WiviDemol @alywoah @DemarcoEvans @RaquelArredondo @DragonGirl
@ToniEliseHolden the impression I get is that if the stones were compressed enough they'd be pretty much the same thing as synthetic diamonds (which would be so cool honestly), so REALLY durable. @nicolejb that's so cool! I'll have to check it out ^_^
WOOO now we need like full wardrobe for helping the environment @ToniEliseHolden @RaquelArredondo perhaps next they could put these gems on shoes?!
This is legit!! I would definitely wear that ring! Thanks for the tag @nicolejb ^^ this is something definitely worth fighting for haha :)
I would totally wear that as a ring!!!
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