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Badass Women of Anime: Android 18
For this installment of The Most Badass Women of Anime, we're focusing on a blonde bombshell brought to us by the good graces of Akira Toriyama and the always-awesome, legendary Dragon Ball Z.
From villain to hero, she proved her badassery the whole way through. It's

Android 18

More than a human, Android 18 was augmented by the mad scientist Dr. Gero to be an ultimate killing machine. Here she is, just taking a flurry of blows from the strongest human on Earth, Mr. Satan. Not even a flinch.
Her ability to withstand Mr. Satan's punches is unsurprising, as she is capable of such incredible things, in line with the strongest of the Z fighters (at the time). Not the least of which is ki blasts.
She even took on a full-fledged Super Saiyan in Vegeta and more than held her own. Really, she kicked his arrogant ass all up and down the place, showing him how steep the difference in power was between them. That arm looks hella broken, doesn't it?
However, after the trial and tribulation of the Cell saga, Android 18 turned a new leaf. She came over to the good side, even settling down with Krillin (of all people) and ultimately had a daughter with him.
Don't ask me how an android did that... I don't know if anyone knows how that went down.
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