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Conventions are tons of fun, don't get me wrong, but when you're cosplaying at a con, well.....you go through a lot of different emotions. Am I the only one to suffer through this all?

First, you arrive to con and you're all comfy and cozy and you can't wait to cosplay the next day!

But then when you have to wake up WAY TOO EARLY to get ready, you aren't as excited. But you pull through!

Until you have to put on all your makeup so you look camera ready. What even ARE false eyelashes?!

But you pull it together, and you leave the room looking AMAZE-BALLS AMAZING!

You hit the convention floor looking hot, getting pictures taken left and right!

Then.....you crash. It's been 6 hours and you haven't eaten or drank anything

And oh my god if one more person asks you for a photo you're going to die

You sneak away, refuel with some noms

And then get back into the lime light! Finishing out the day like the amazing person you are!

Eventually you crash, and sleep like the dead....

Only to wake up and repeat it all tomorrow!!!!

I know I'm not the only one who goes through these ridiculous stages at every convention....and yet, we keep doing it.

Share this with your con friends who never learn, either :)

@SeintoSeiya hahahaha yeah bridesmaids memes are the bomb XD @VinMcCarthy just do what I do and make your character lounge dramatically hahahaha it usually works out :D
oh man, I haven't been to a con yet, or cosplayed, but I feel like spending all day dressed up would kill me. I hate standing for too long.
I quote bridesmaids all the time lol, I saw on Facebook a bridesmaids meme came up as one of my "memories" and it was like "going to NYCC2014 and the meme was like "catch you on the flipside mfs"
@VinMcCarthy .....yeah hahahahaha