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YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST LOVE. My first love came about when i was only ten and he was eleven. I was shy and reserved and never thought about a cute guy liking or even noticing me. Of course, that wasn't a big deal at the age of ten, but still, i just didnt feel like the kind of girl that would attract cute guys. But one day, one of my friends in the neighborhood was with this cute guy I'd never seen before and they were already boyfriend and girl friend. But that didnt last long. One day, while I was walking alone, he came up on his bike and started talking to me. Immidiately, I began to blush and my heart started to flutter. Then he asked if he could hold my hand. So I said, "Don't you have a girl friend?" And he said that they broke up. To myself, I thought, "Already? just like that?" But to him, I just said, okay. So we held hands and I walked as he rode his bike slowly. Cute right? yeah, I know. THE TROUBLE BEGINS ALREADY. Just then, when we were walking, his girlfriend's sister saw us together and she came up and said, "My sister isn't home right now, but when she gets here, she's going to be very angry. You know that they are still together." Well, right then, he was busted and I wasn't about to take the blame. So i said, "He just told me that they broke up already." But obviously, they had not and now, I was in the middle of it. But he told me that I shouldn't worry and that he would take care of her. So I believed him and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. So I said yes. Somehow, he did take care of everything, which is quite a job for an eleven year old boy. Although she was quite upset when she found out, we were all still friends. INNOCENT CHILDHOOD ROMANCE Now that we were all friends again and some of the dust had settled, he and I got to spend some time together. I think we were only together for a week or two but what i remember about that time was the time we spent sitting on a big rock at the entrance of a wooded swamp area. We would go there alone and talk. He would hold my hand and he even kissed me on the lips and I was loving every moment. He asked me about french kissing but I thought that was too grown up so we didn't do that. We also liked to peal the bark off of the nearby tree. We pulled every inch of bark off of it and to this day, that tree is there with no bark on it. It was a really sweet time. ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END. Just as i was feeling so special and thinking we would be together forever, he broke up with me. He sent my friend to tell me the news. Just like that. Just like with the other girl. I was crushed. I was crying and I thought my life was over. I missed him. And to make it worse, I couldn't even go around my friends without seeing him and he was already going out with my other friend. It took me about two weeks to get over that. I guess he wanted to go with every girl in the neghborhood and then choose which he liked best. It seems narcissistic but he actually turned out to be a very decent man. He was just being a little boy at the time so It's understandable. He finally did find the girl that he wanted to stay with shortly after we broke up and they stayed together and got married and had some kids. They eventually got a divorce but that's a different story which i know nothing about. A TRAGIC END This story has a tragic ending. I hate to end my story this way. He recently died after a surgery on his shoulder. He had some heart condition that, to my understanding, was not thought to be an issue. But apparantly, it was after his surgery. He had just recently remarried. He was thirty one years old. I went to his memorial service and it was very sad. His mom is a very kind and good Christian lady and she has always had a special place in my heart and I know that she can say the same for me. She is also increadibly strong. She held her composure at the memorial service, but walked out with her family one time. I felt really bad that day. I'm sorry my story had a sad ending. I'll always remember him as the first guy who made me blush and made me feel special, as well as the first one to break my heart. But i have never held any grudge against him. We were just little kids. 鈽衡潳
I'll tag you when I write one! :D
This is the best thing everrrr <3 @MelissaMae I'm so glad you wrote this. It was amazing to get not only the sweet first crush story, but also the full (somewhat tragic) story of his life. I'm glad he did find love and settle down, even if it didn't last. At least he sounds like the kind of person who lived life fully and explored every opportunity :) Really great card, I enjoyed it a lot.
I'm a girl!! Dani = Danielle. :)
No problem! :) It's true.
hahaha!! you are just being funny. 馃槤 and thank you for those kind words.
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