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OMG I love it! I couldn't help but smile through the entire song! SLEEPY is amazing and I love him to bits ^^ Hope you like it too~ @MattK95 what do you think? Credit to the owners of this MV :) (I do not own this MV)!!!
I cannot get this song out of my head, so awesome and happy and I just want to give him a bro hug! (Read the lyrics and you'll know what I mean) @PassTheSuga have you seen this yet?
@MattK95 The track is good...i just think if someone's featuring its not fair to cut their entire part out of the MV. But i guess its a ploy to get you to download the song.....sneaky sneaky. And nooooo I haven't, TELL ME EVERYTHING.
@MattK95 It was pretty good but I was disappointed Incredivle wasn't featured in the MV ∪ˍ∪
@PassTheSuga Wow. Just looked up their old stuff and it's so good! I wonder why they're not big.
@MattK95 Yasssss!! lol you know I'm all over it already.....ITS SO GOOD. @cindystran Noooooo my dear he's not new. He's from the rap duo Untouchable. They've been around for nearly 10 years.
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