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@Haidurr tagged me in this challenge and I chose to pick a show that probably has the most awful feel bag punchers... if you have not seen this show... I'm giving away the ending... so don't read it!!!!! > You can and are encouraged use images, gifs and videos in your card! :) > You have till Sunday to do the challenge. > Make sure to have {MM} in front of your card title. > Tag me so I don't miss your card! :) > Tag 3 other people who you want to see do this challenge!
I've cried during a few anime... but only three scenes have made me bawl like a baby and want to curl up in a bawl and die lol
Tatsumi's death scene... I was 1000% positive in my heart he was the one that they would not kill off. In this moment I prayed and begged that this was not real. I couldn't bear the though of akame being the last one so I forced myself to not believe he was dead... He was not going to break his promise to her...
then they decided that they figured we wouldn't believe it so they made it even worse. Esdeath stopped Akame from reaching him only to make them all into little ice particles so they could never come back... Talk about the absolute insult to injury....
ok that's it. I know you all hate me now for bringing that memory back lol. I challenge @CarlosG, @Enhasa, and @BloodStrider :) Challenge created by @Poojas
@Haidurr LAME!! It was good too! @crimsonsasuke I know!!!!
It was so sad throughout the whole thing but at the same time it was so awesome :')
A friend spoiled the crap out of this series for me so I never watched it but whenever a main character dies it's always a sad day ;-;
Yeah...I was shocked as well but then again it's "Akame" Ga Kill so his death is understandable. But I was actually even more crushed with the fact that Esdeath was gone T.T I want her back and her love of war
@RosePark haha I was indifferent about her death