Long time no see, Love and Relationships people.
Look what I found today! It was a my little diary, my diary which I wrote on when I was in high school. I lost track of my afternoon reading the one. Because I got so wrapped up. This little note reminded me my first bitter love.
Almost 7 years ago, I was a girl, a junior and just a normal person.
In there, I fixed a senior who I liked much at that time with a detailed description. Reading this childish note, he was coming slowly. Haha
The boy was tall and fit as I saw him. Also he looked good in a school uniform. The black one and black glasses made him look much better. Moreover he was so outgoing and hilarious that was always surrounded by many friends.
By the way, I did not even have a chance to have a date with him. Whenever I was trying to chat with him, all of sudden, some girls appeared to disturb us. Most of girls who stuck like glue to him were notable for hot tempered and jealous. I didn't know that he liked me too, but I wholly lost my nerve and just wrote my timid feelings such as "He is hot!!!", "WANNA BE A HIS GIRLFRIEND!"
Now that I think about it, It was so kid!! Ah.. but these girls scared me about that time and I didn't want to be a Georgina's target. If I had courage and speak my feelings out, could we be a couple? or this kinds of friendship was much better than losing him after awkward conversation? *.*
It already became a faint memory to me but in my diary, he would exist forever bring me the fluttering of first love. Even my dream didn't happen, It also never dies. kkk
In addition, what is a permitted limit of first love? As soon as I show this card to my friend, she is saying it is not first love. Just one-sided love.This first love would be acceptable if I had a real relationship with the charming boy. Then, is my first love probably my first boy friend?
Ahh, this is why I still keep a journal/diary. We forget so many little details that shaped us into the humans that we are today! I think first love is the first time YOU felt love, whether he did or not. Love is not made real Only when that someone else loves you back, is it? Does it change the way your heart feels in that moment? No, love can definitely be one sided. (Depressing as it is.) So many amazing loves have unrequited.
@ButterflyBlu so sorry for late response dear! First love is always memorable times that I still remember as well. So I think this high school hot boy is my first love haha