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I havent been able to use vingle in a looong time. college started and I seriously had no time :( but hii everyone! i missed you all. how are you guys? did you guys know that teen top will be in NYC this friday with a free concert? i seriously need friends right now lol. where are you kpoppers? LOCATION: BROADWAY PLAZA SQUARE BETWEEN 43TH STREET AND 44TH STREET. THEY SAID THE CONCERT WILL HAPPEN AT 6PM BUT THE TIME IS NOT CONFIRMED YET!
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queens NYC here
@jenxchan u should have told me a day before! :( lets meet in the next concert! ^^
@nokita sorry. it was a bit last minute saying we should meet up. anywho, you have my twitter now maybe we can keep in touch via that lol. and YES hopefully we can meet up at the next concert (i hope its infinite Effect in the USA though lol)
@jenxchan urgh it sucks that i dont have twitter i mean i do but i don't use it lol if anything i will talk to u thru here. ( i hope it will be 2PM lol )
@nokita ROFL its all good. I just remembered that we can add each other and then message back and forth ahahaha