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Room Update♥
So as you guys know operation Kpopafy my room has been underway and im finally able to update you guys on my new additions since im finally off of work today♡
Since last time I added my 2pm corner lol I have my loves Taecyeon, Jun.k & Wooyoung im jist missing Nickhyun , Chansung & Jinho
Next we have my BTS wall♡♥I finally got my cards the other day so I was able to add these lovely pictures my lovely picture of V and namjooni♡
Here is an update of my door idk if I showed you guys but I added my Got7 loves to complete my door♡
Last is still a work in progress but its my multigroup wall! Of course I had to add my A6P loves and I have exo and jiyong on this wall Coming soon to this wall: Up10tion Seventeen IKON Day6 My Uniq loves Monsta X Jay park Zico and all my other favorite people and of course my love Zion.t
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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
2 years ago·Reply
@MagicBananas Thank you! And Your Profile pic is seriously life♡
2 years ago·Reply
@Marilovexoxo lolol thank you
2 years ago·Reply
duuuuude your wall pics are awesome!!!! keep decorating your room its amazing lucky for you =^-^=
2 years ago·Reply
@KoutaUta thank you! and most of my pictures I print myself lol I just steal picture paper from my moms job
2 years ago·Reply