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You've heard about it, now it's your turn to try it for yourself.

Yes, I'm talking about henna. No, not henna tattoos. We are taking things a step further and using henna to dye hair. It's the new craze and guess what? It's chemical free. Who doesn't love a product that won't strip their hair making it a total nightmare. Just like a henna tattoo, using the product as a hair dye is temporary. But wouldn't you prefer a temporary dye over a permanent dye that will damage your hair forever? Of course you would.
Not only can henna dye your hair, but at the same time it will nourish your roots leaving it shiny and soft. If you didn't get a chance to see my card on eyebrow tinting [see card here], that same technique was applied by using a mixture of henna. You can expect the henna to last for about a month or so -- which isn't too bad. If you're dying to dye your hair, but are afraid of letting your hair near chemicals -- fear not, henna is coming to your rescue. To see how to apply the simple hair dye and have your hair looking flawless, check out the video above.
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I'm sure you could possible mix something to get those colors though @FreeWill666
yes, henna is absolutely amazing! makes your hair look beautiful @Rochet1991
If I'm a natural redhead and want to brighten my hair up, should I use henna? I've never used anything. .....
Henna usually only works to darken your hair or make it red, if you want to lighten it you can try lemon juice or, what most people hat, bleach @AmandaAmerman
ok. I definitely don't want it lighter. I'm afraid I'll lose my red