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This truly is what love looks like. If you cannot or will not do this, you do not really love the one you are with. Love is not supposed to be easy. It is not supposed to be convenient. It isnt supposed to give you one million reasons to stay. Love always comes down to one thing that is an anchor that holds you and it is not against your will. If you feel like you are in an addiction that you want to break free from but are not strong enough, then it's not love. Love is an anchor that you hope will never break loose. Love is that one thing that gives you the strength to hold on, be patient, kind, gracious and forgiving. Love is that thing that makes you willing to lose an argument in order to keep the one you love. Love is that thing that makes you want to be the first one to say you're sorry to avoid going to bed angry. When you open your heart to love, and let it come in, it makes you a more beautiful person than you ever imagined you could be. Love is what makes you see the good in someone and magnifies it until it is all you can see. It makes you see what others cannot see. It makes you accept them as they are even when they give you a hard time, and love them when it isn't so easy. It makes you want to take care of them and stay by their side no matter the situation, no matter what happens. When love isn't returned But when the love isnt returned, the love in your heart will eventually become a burden to you that is too heavy for anyone to bear because while it is always more of a blessing to give than to recieve, at some point, we have to recieve that love in return. Created to love and to be loved We were created by God with the natural need, not only to love, but also to be loved. When the one you love doesn't love you, that's always a reason to walk away. No matter how much you love them. Just walk away.