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Parks and Rec is the funniest TV show in recent history - this is fact. And while the main cast consisted of outstanding actors that deserve credit for their comedic chops (will there ever be a better character than Ron Swanson?), the show also thrived off of an array of amazing guest stars and recurring roles.
So instead of accepting the end of an era, let's cling to the endearing town of Pawnee, Indiana by giving an honorary shout-out to some of its underrated inhabitants.

Bobby Newport

Leslie Knope's campaign for city council consisted of the best episodes in seven seasons of Parks and Rec - and much of that success was due to Paul Rudd's sublime performance as fellow candidate and man-child Bobby Newport.

Jennifer Barkley

Of course, Bobby Newport was nothing without his fierce and sassy HBIC campaign manager, Jen Barkley. Any episode with her presence was a delight, and she had some of the most hilarious one-liners on the show.

Dave Sanderson

Oh, yeah, remember when Louis C.K. casually played Leslie's best love interest ever (sorry, Ben)?

Jeremy Jamm

Pawnee's favorite/worst dentist and councilman was also Leslie's archenemies turned best friend (or so he claims). He gave Parks and Rec its best catchphrase: You Got Jammed.

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Just when you thought Tom Haverford couldn't get any more ridiculous, you met his outrageous best friend Jean-Ralphio. He says the most absurd things...which are also side-splitting funny.
Plus, that hair.

Mona-Lisa Saperstein

Just when you thought Jean-Ralphio must be the worst character on Parks and Rec, you met his diabolical twin sister Mona-Lisa who, in his own words, is the woooorst. I legitimately think I laughed every time Jenny Slate, who nailed this role, was in the frame.

Tammy II

Still, without a doubt the best guest spot on Parks and Rec belongs to Ron's second ex-wife (and the actor's real life wife), Tammy II. She is the most crazy, and the most evil. Any episode with her wild and manipulative sexuality is killer.

Who are your favorite underrated Parks and Rec characters?

I would also happily watch a Saperstein family spinoff, right?
@danidee That would be AMAZING!
@marissabergman Yesss. Jenny Slate and Ben Schwartz are hugely underrated.
I know. I would be its biggest groupie. Jean-Ralphio is my life.
JEAN-RALPHIO FOREVER. I wish they could make some sort of 720 spin-off where it's Tom and Jean-Ralphio versus the world.