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Here's a fun alternative to the sticky and sweet desserts at most weddings: yogurt parfaits. Depending on the yogurt and the fixings you choose, this could be an incredible healthy protein-packed food. Of course, you could make it super sweet, as many people wouldn't complain.
The trick to serving this for your wedding is a couple ways. Firstly, you want to serve this in the morning or brunch time for a very early wedding. It also helps too, to have a small refreshment area for those early ceremonies. You want to be careful with dairy and citrus and booze, however. The combination can cause issues in the gut that could spell disaster later on.
This idea could also be great for the post-nuptial brunch. With guests leaving for the airport at all hours of the morning, keep the spread simple with this to get everyone on their way. Bulk food that's already prepared will make your life easy too.
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